Notable Cases

  • Wade v. Superior Court (2019) 33 Cal.App.5th 694.  In a writ proceeding, obtained ruling that Captain in the Special Forces was entitled to military pre-trial diversion program.
  • People v. Segarra (2019, unpublished).  Obtained ruling that the trial court abused its discretion in excluding defendant's post-arrest statement which was critical to his mental defect defense.  Felony conviction was vacated and case remanded for further proceedings.
  • Sim v. Rah (In re Sim) (2017, unpublished).  Won affirmance of Ostler-Smith benefits and spousal support for a disabled spouse, despite short term marriage.
  • Martinez v. Campbell Towing, Inc. (2017, unpublished). On behalf of severely injured motorist, obtained reversal of summary judgment granted to tow truck company that negligently towed car from freeway.  Matter settled favorably on remand.
  • City of Salinas v. Ramirez (2015, settled on appeal.)  Reached favorable settlement on appeal for borrower who modified loan agreement with lender's knowledge that property was a personal residence.
  • Praetorian Ins. Co. v. Dunnion (2014, unpublished.)  Obtained reversal of trial court’s denial of an  anti-SLAPP motion to strike insurer's cross-complaint against the personal injury claimant's attorneys.
  • In re Heubeck (2011, unpublished).  Won affirmance of trial court's award of spousal and child support, equalizing payments, and rulings on property valuation and division, against numerous substantive and procedural challenges.
  • Enea v. Superior Court (2005) 132 Cal.App.4th 1559.  In a writ proceeding, obtained reversal of summary judgment in case involving common law and statutory fiduciary duties owed to a partner.